Category: ILT20 2023 Post Match Press Conference

We will cover every match of ILT20, to provide you the post-match press conferences and all the actions about the UAE T20 League once it started.

What Will Happen In ILT20 Post-Match Press Conference?

ILT20 is nearing its debut as of November 2022. The tournament will start in January 2023 with all its glory. We have covered every news surfaced about the league. However, we do not know much about the ILT20 post-match press conference. What will be covered during that discussion? Let’s take a detailed look!

How To Watch ILT20 Post-Match Press Conference?

Before going any further, let’s see how to watch these press conferences. The league will broadcast on several channels. You can catch it in multiple languages. ZEE5 will broadcast the tournament in India and globally. Other channels and platforms include Zee Anmol Cinema, & Pictures HD, &Flix, Zee Thirai, Zee Cinema (SD & HD), and Zee Bangla Cinema.

But that’s not all. It will also air live on Pakistani channels like Geo Super and ASports. Additionally, the league will debut in the UK too via Sky Sports.

Luckily, ILT20 has also started its official YouTube channel. That means you can catch post-match press conferences separately without watching the entire match. The clips are likely to be uploaded on the YouTube channel.

What To Expect from ILT20 Post-Match Press Conference?
These conferences will be like every other one. You will get to see media interaction with players and team captains. They will comment on their team’s performance and answer some questions.

But there is something important to consider regarding these press conferences in ILT20. And that is the Smart ball technology. The tournament will see the introduction of cutting-edge Bluetooth-powered technology. That will make for some interesting questions in the press conference. Fans will see in-depth questions and answers regarding a match.


That’s all we know about ILT20 post-match press conferences so far. We have yet to see what will actually happen. However, the wait is not that long now. Only 1 month is remaining in the first match of the much-anticipated Emirates league.