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All the Latest Update on The ILT20 2023 Venues

The first season of ILT20 will commence in January 2023, which is just around the corner. As the first playoff date is getting closer, the hype among cricket fans is increasing with time. The recently revealed lineup from each participating team has added more fuel to the hype train.

Here are all the updates related to ILT 2023 Venues/Stadiums, Participants, and much more that you should know about.


The inaugural season of the UAET20 League will be played in multiple stadiums in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The league will start on January 6, 2023, and end on February 12, 2023. With some of the well-recognized international players in each team, it is hard to predict which team will come out as the winner.

What we can predict are the 3 venues in which the first season of ILT20 will take place. Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Zayed Cricket Stadium, and Dubai International Cricket Stadium are likely where this season of ILT20 2023 will take place.

Clash With BBL

The Dates of the Big Bash League (BBL) and International League T20 will clash. Even though it’s a piece of good news for cricket fans as they got to watch international leagues back to back. It can be an alarming situation for Cricket Australia.

According to a report in Sydney Morning Herald, “As many as 15 Australian players have been offered contracts worth up to AUD 700,000 a year to abandon the Big Bash League and play in the UAE Twenty20 tournament in January.

What this means in the long term remains to be seen, and it mostly depends on the success of the first season of ILT20.

Power Packed Lineup

The 6 franchises participating in ILT20 are the MI Emirates squad, Sharjah Warriors Squad, Abu Dhabi Knight Riders Squad, Dubai Capitals Squad, and Gulf Giants. Each of the franchises includes some of the most popular faces in cricket.


Cricket fans all over the world are excited for the first season of International League T20 or ILT20. The diverse lineup of cricketers and some of the biggest names in cricket history has surely got attention from die-hard fans. Now all eyes are on the first match of ILT20, which is not very far away.