Rapper Badshah Composed the Anthem of ILT20 and will Perform in the Opening Ceremony

The Indian Rapper Badshah has been named to perform in the opening ceremony of DP World ILT20 2023. The teaser of the anthem was released some days ago, and today the official anthem is also released by ILT20. The anthem is composed by the talented musician “Rapper Badshah” and he will also perform in the opening ceremony of the league.

Are you ready for the entertainment-rich tournament that ILT20 is shaping up to be? To fuel the flames, more news has surfaced. We already imagined the opening ceremony of the league to be super. But now the superstar rapper Badshah is set to thrill in the ILT20 opening ceremony in Dubai International Stadium.

The ILT20 2023 Official Anthem, “Halla Halla”is released and composed by Rapper Badshah

People were already excited about the opening ceremony of ILT20 2023. Everyone anticipated it to be an electrifying kick-start to an energy-filled tournament. Badshah seems the perfect candidate for the glitzy opening night.

In the opening ceremony, Jason Derulo will also perform with Rapper Badshah and they both will rock in on the first day of the league.

Are you unfamiliar with Badshah? Well, he is an award-winning rapper with two Nickelodeon Kids Choice “favorite rap music star” titles under his name. Badshah has also won the most popular Punjabi Film Awards. He also composed the official anthem of the UAE International League T20.

Mubashir Usmani, General Secretary of the Emirates Cricket Board, has also talked about another superstar. According to conversations with him, he hinted towards being a global performer. Usmani stated, “The League’s opening match will be well-complemented by an additional world-class performance that will help start proceedings. We will share more detail on this exciting act, as well as how fans can secure tickets to enjoy all the ILT20 action soon.”

ILT20 anthem 2023

Usmani also expressed his joy about Badshah joining the Emirates League by saying, “League management is absolutely delighted to have one of India’s biggest performers at the ILT20 opening ceremony. It is very important for us to get off to a blistering start, and Badshah will certainly help enthrall the crowd before the cricketers work their magic on our three (competition) venues.” “We also extend our sincere thanks to Badshah for producing the ILT20 Anthem. We are eagerly looking forward to sharing this with our cricket-loving community.”

Badshah has also interacted with fans on this subject. He was very excited to be part of the much-awaited ILT20. The rapper said,

“I am thrilled to be performing at the ILT20 opening ceremony. I have been a huge cricket fan all my life and it’s an honor for me to be performing at what has the hallmarks of becoming one of the biggest T20 Leagues, in front of some of the biggest cricket stars, and fans, from all over the world. To produce the ILT20 Anthem is also extremely exciting. I am confident the fans will love it and get behind it each time it’s belted out across the stadiums.”

DJ Bravo to perform in the opening ceremony of ILT20 2023

The news of DJ Bravo was recently shared on the official Twitter account of International League T20 2023. The West Indies allrounder “DJ Bravo” to perform the CHAMPION song in the opening ceremony of the first edition of the DP World ILT20. You can watch all the actions of the league on the official broadcasting channels of ILT20 2023.


Rapper Badshah composed the official anthem of ILT20 2023 and he will perform in the opening ceremony of the inaugural edition of the league. Jason Derulo is another well-known global star set to perform at Dubai International Stadium alongside Badshah. Mark your calendars to view your favorite superstars live in January 2023.

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Updated: March 28, 2024 — 11:36 pm

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