UAE ILT20 2023 Sets $450,000 Per Season For Top Players

The UAE International T20 League keeps getting bigger and bigger. The latest reports claim that the league has set $450,000 per season to the top contracted players. And thus, it becomes the second biggest league after IPL (Indian Premier League). Let’s look at everything regarding this latest news.

ILT20 Star Players offer

How Is UAE T20 League (ILT20) Shaping Up To Be A Huge Surprise?

It is already predicted that the UAE T20 league will take the cricket world by storm. However, the latest news has fueled the fire. Now, the league is shaping up to be one of the biggest lucrative ventures for cricketers. 

The UAE T20 league has $450,000 per season for its top players. Here’s how much other leagues pay to their top cricketers:

  • IPL – $2 Million
  • PSL – 200,000
  • BBL – 238,000
  • Hundred – 164,000

International League T20: Organizing a Groundbreaking Cricket Tournament in Kenya

This news has also sparked some other rumors, such as David Warner skipping BBL this season to play in the UAE T20 league. As of yet, six franchises have been confirmed to play in the ILT20 2023. There will be a total of 34 games, and each team will get to play two times.

Nine Wage Slots From $10,000 to $340,000

According to recent reports, the UAE International T20 League will have nine wage slots for players. These range from $10,000 to $340,000. The overall wage budget is currently $2.5 million, with a $1.5 million minimum wage bill.

Franchises can also get a loyalty bonus of more than $500,000. And that leads us to the biggest payout a player can get, which is $450,000.

Making Squads in ILT20 2023

Currently, six franchises are confirmed to be part of the UAE ILT20. Each franchise will have 18 players, out of which 12 will be from overseas. Every squad will have three UAE players and two from other associates.

Three franchises participating in the ILT20 have teams in the IPL. They are Delhi Capitals, Mumbai Indians, and Kolkatta Knight Knight Riders.

The rest of the franchises include Manchester United, Lancer Capital, and Capri Global.


And that’s how the UAE T20 league is attracting more players globally. They have high payouts with nine wager slots. However, we have yet to see what the future holds for the awaited ILT20.

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Updated: March 28, 2024 — 11:36 pm

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